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Title: Managing Kingdom Business
Book is based on methodology of how Churches can manage projects in a more efficient manner based on Nehemiah process.




The Product “Project Game” is a management game full of fun and educational at the same time. The aim of the game is to introduce people to the concept of Project Management. The game product cuts across different works from “novis to Project Management” to experienced Project Managers wanting to refresh their knowledge on Project Management and also acts as a good team building exercise for example when a new project is about to start. It can be played as a family game and within schools and other social settings.

The aim is to try to complete a project with the given time and resources. The Project Manager is playing to finish the project within the defined cost and time making sure all problems are reported and dealt with. The Sponsor is playing to win making sure the project is delivered within cost and time but ready to dispose of anyone who is under performing in any way.  The Customer Representative (CREP) is playing to make sure that he/she gets the best quality project deliverable within cost and time. The Supplier Representative (SREP) is playing to make sure that he/she gets as much money as possible for his/her service and does not deviate from work agreed.


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