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  Setting up Programme Office

  • Introduction to Programme Office
    1. Programme office is the “centre of excellence” for all programmes and projects within an organisation
    2. It provides specialist expertise and facilitation across the programme and its projects.
    3. The programme office add value to the programme through knowledge, experience and skills of staff


  • Function of PMO: the core function of the programme office is to provide an information hub for Projects and Programme. This involve the following:

    • Tracking and Reporting
    • Information Management
    • Financial Accounting
    • Risk and Issue Tracking
    • Quality Control
    • Change Control


  • Issues without PMO
    • Projects running late or over budget
    • Lack of standard structure in place to adequately monitor and enable regular project reporting of activities and cost
    • Project documents become inconsistent or mis-understood, and often take time to be located
    • Projects not meeting the requirements of the users
    • Stakeholders lack good understanding of issues and status of project 




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