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  • Bridge the gap between managing projects in your work place and managing projects within the Church environment
  • Manage the next church project in a structured way

Restoration Church taking Photos with Certificate after completion of course


Feedback from some Students:

"This course has helped me to realise that God created the world by Project Planning and even planned for the risk of man falling by having Jesus as the contigency plan" - Rose


"Before we start any project we have to have a need i.e reason for a project. Also I realise that I have been focusing mainly on the benefits of projects and ignoring risk aspect and how to manage this" - Alphonse


"I realise I now need to plan well before taking any action, I also realise the importance of communication and I realise that people who do the work have to own the work" - Pastor Tito


"We need to learn more from the bible, let the bible speak more and us less" - Pastor Tito


"This course has helped me to realise the value of paying more attention on people with potential and capabilities. I also appreciated the project indicators based on Provebs 31" - Jean Paul



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